We believe Growing People Change Within. This means that as you walk with God, the Holy Spirit shapes you to be more like Jesus Christ.
One of the ways we want to help this process is through our Adult Discipleship Classes. They create environments to work out how God’s Word affects our everyday lives, exploring the Bible and our faith in deeper and more significant ways.
Our goal is to give you an opportunity to Dig In, wherever you are in your Christian walk—from attending a Welcome to Friends class to leading an in-depth Bible study. To do this, we offer three categories of classes:
Adult Discipleship Classes
Introductions classes are designed to provide you with basic information about Christian beliefs and North Olmsted Evangelical Friends Church. If you are new to our church, are starting your walk with Jesus, or just need a fresh introduction to God and his Word, these classes are created with you in mind!
In Context classes take you deeper, as we explore the context of the Bible and how it affects our daily lives. These classes are intended for everyone who has a foundation in Christianity and who wants to continue to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus in all aspects of life.
In Depth classes investigate Scripture and doctrine through detailed study, challenging us to greater holiness and leadership in God’s church. These classes are designed for mature believers who desire to keep growing even as they give back to God and serve others in their journey of faith.

Winter 2021 Adult Classes

Joy+Hope: 1 Thessalonians // In Depth // Wednesday @ 6:30 pm, Conference Room and Zoom // Paul wrote this short letter to a church wondering how to live in the face of death and darkness. Let’s talk about how we can live with joy and hope in our own situations. Join in person or online. Contact Pastor David to sign up or for information.
On Guard // In Context // Thursday @ 7 pm, Upper Room // Do you struggle to give a reason for the hope that is in you? In this class, facilitated by Jack Yeager, we will walk through On Guard by William Lane Craig and explore how Christianity is the only answer to the questions this world poses. To sign up, contact Pastor David,
The 12 // In Context (Men’s Group) // Saturday @ 8 am, Conference Room and Zoom // Our men’s group gathers to encourage one another to grow in Christ. We are talking about the apostles of Jesus and what we can learn from them to apply in our own lives. We meet as one group, with some present in the Conference Room and others connecting via Zoom. Contact Pastor David for connection information.